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by Odette D'Aniello
Celebrity Gourmet Ventures Inc.

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Odette D'Aniello - CEO/Owner Celebrity Cake Studio and Dragonfly Cakes

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The Sweet Legacy of Mickey’s Pastry Shop With Third-Generation Bakery Owner Melanie Daniels

Have you considered becoming a Certified Master Baker? Achieving this designation is a testament to one’s baking skills and prepares them to own and operate a bakery. So what does it take to achieve this distinctive certification?

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Indulge in the Sweet Moments: Inspiring Stories from Specialty Bakery and Dessert Founders

Welcome to "Celebrity Gourmet Podcast” where we highlight Women in the bakery industry.

My name is Odette D’Aniello and I am the founder and CEO of Celebrity Gourmet Ventures Inc. My sister Mary Ann and I run our retail (Celebrity Cake Studio) and wholesale business (Dragonfly Cakes) in Tacoma, WA. This podcast is dedicated to celebrating the incredible women who have made their mark in the world of baking. Join me as I dive deep into their inspiring stories of perseverance, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Through heartfelt interviews, I bring you the firsthand experiences of these remarkable women, who have mastered the art of baking but also discovered the secrets to living fulfilling lives while running successful businesses. From pastry chefs to bakery owners, confectionery artisans to cake decorators, each episode unveils the unique journeys that have shaped their careers.

Discover how these women have overcome challenges, embraced their passion, and found their own recipe for success. From the early morning hours in the kitchen to the demands of managing a thriving bakery, I delve into the intricacies of their daily routines and explore the strategies that have set them apart.

With every episode, the aim is to empower aspiring bakers, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking inspiration, by highlighting the tenacity and resilience of these remarkable women. My guests generously share their wisdom, lessons learned, and the joys that come from turning their passion into a lifelong pursuit.

Whether you're a fellow baker looking to expand your knowledge, a food enthusiast eager to learn the stories behind your favorite treats, or simply someone seeking uplifting stories of women breaking barriers, Celebrity Gourmet is your go-to podcast.

Join us on this delicious journey as we explore the lives, experiences, and successes of women in the bakery industry. Get ready to be inspired, gain valuable insights, and savor the sweet rewards of their remarkable stories.

Tune in to "Rise and Bake: Women in the Bakery Industry" and get ready to be captivated by the resilience, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of these remarkable women.

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